HM Ultra Filtration to produce drinking water for Pakistani flood victims

Hydromaster sold 10 water filtration units that each can make 24 m3 per day. Enough clean water to provide drinking water for 10,000 people. These  units that can even be powered manually.  The units were distributed by Mercy Relief, Singapore to assist Pakistani  flood victims in the 2010 disaster.

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Amari Orchid Pattaya installs Ultra-Filtration to Recycle over 200 metric tons a day of Sewage

As per the 30th of October 2010 the luxury five star hotel Amari Orchid Pattaya, Thailand with 525 rooms has installed a proprietary Ultra Filtration system and entered into a long-term service agreement with Hydromaster to recycle sewage effluent for both Cooling Tower supply and Gardening use. The Amari Orchid Pattaya is the first hotel in Pattaya and the second in Thailand to sustainably recycle (not just single re-use) sewage on a large scale, positioning the hotel as one of the most environmental responsible hotels in South East Asia. From day 1, the system will deliver also a direct 30% cost savings on the monthly water bill.

The Ultra Filtration system is an Hydromaster MU14-8 system customized for the Amari Orchid Pattaya water infrastructure setup. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels are reduced from around 20 ppm to below 1 ppm, and removing virtually all suspended solids making the recycled product water crystal clear. Due to the 0.1 to 0.01 Micron size pores in the Ultra Filtration membranes the recycled water is safe and without viruses and bacteria. No chemicals are used in the filtration process.

Due to the unique properties of Hydromaster’s Ultra Filtration membranes less than 5 Psi feed pressure is needed to filtrate 12 metric tonnes an hour. Every ten minutes an automated back-flushing process cleans out the membranes and the concentrated Reject water is routed back into the primary Sewage Treatment Plant to return the useful bacteria to improve natural digestion of raw waste.

Hydromaster provided Ultra Filtration theory and practice training over a three day period. After a 2 hour class-room session, the Amari Orchid Pattaya staff moved outside for hands-on practice with the machine. The high-end Ultra Filtration machine is impressive to see, operates quietly without any smells and is available for interested hotel guests to visit.

About Amari: A force in Thailand’s hospitality industry since 1965, Amari’s network of 11 properties spans the country, from scenic seaside and mountain locations to vibrant urban settings. Amari is a vision of contemporary Asia, a brand that embodies Asian flair, modern perspective, desire and a down-to-earth vibe. The brand caters to both business and leisure travellers, with each property featuring superior quality rooms, facilities and services.

About Hydromaster: Hydromaster is an operator and provider of high-end Membrane Filtration Technology including proprietary Ultra Filtration membranes manufactured in Singapore. With offices in South East Asia, Sweden, USA and South Africa Hydromaster provides Membrane Filtration Services including Design-Build-Own-Operate partnerships to hundreds of long-term customers. Hydromaster specializes in Hotel and Commercial industry and Sewage Effluent recycling, but also offers sea, city or well water water filtration for swimming pools, municipal plants, mining and factories.

Memsys Desalination unit at Marina Barrage to launch in Sept 2010

Memsys and Hydromaster International Pte Ltd will be testing its Solar Driven Membrane Distillation at PUB’s Marina Barrage. The desalination unit will produce drinking water from Singapore’s coastal waters using only solar energy. The unit is expected to be online in September 2010.

Designed for disaster relief, the desalination unit is completely mobile and independent of external infrastructure. It will be placed in a 20-foot shipping container, will be driven entirely by solar power (both thermal and PV), and is designed to run with a minimum of maintenance.

In contrast with existing desalination technology, no chemicals, diesel generators or other external power is needed. The output is expected to be on average 1000 liters per day, depending on the intensity of the sunshine.

The tests will focus on system integration, stability of operations and optimization of output under different weather patterns. They are expected to take about 12 months. Successful testing will support the proof of concept for other applications, such as desalination in remote areas lacking water and infrastructure (e.g. islands, deserts and remote exploration locations).

With the reservoir bordering the sea at the Marina Barrage, it is an ideal location to test the robustness of the desalination unit. From its location downstream of the Barrage, the desalination unit will meet with the challenge of operating in an environment with frequent changes in salinity levels.

Hydromaster International is the exclusive distributor of Memsys equipments ( in Asia for the hotel, resorts and commercial sectors. Pre-filtration is done with proprietary Ultra-Filtration membranes supplied by Hydromaster.

Hydromaster to Change Company Logo

In the second half of 2010, Hydromaster Ultra Filtration will implement a new company logo on it’s brochures, website and other corporate communication materials. Both Hydromaster International and the country operating companies will adopt the new visually-attractive logo which reflects the Hydromaster values of providing sustainable value through world-class quality solutions, and environmental friendliness.

The new logo is also more modern and sophisticated and better represents the fast growing Design-Build-Own-Operate business model where Hydromaster takes care of financing the equipment and guarantees the water supply through on-site operations management.

New product lines to be introduced this year which will take advantage of the new logo design include the advanced Memsys multi-effect distillation system which can desalinate seawater as energy efficient as 1.5kWh per cubic meter of fresh water produced; 3 to 5 times more efficient than conventional high-pressure seawater Reverse Osmosis plants. An incredible reduction of power generation capex, operating cost, and carbon footprint.

The new logo:

The old logo: